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Revia Generic
REVIA GENERIC Naltrexone Hydrochloride
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Naltrexone - complex treatment of alcohol dependence. It is also attributed to the prevention of the pharmacological effects of exogenous opioids and the maintenance of a non-opioid state in patients with opioid dependence.

Bupron Sr
BUPRON SR Bupropion
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Bupron SR belongs to the class of the atypical antidepressants. Its active ingredient is bupropion hydrochloride.

LARIAM Mefloquine Hydrochloride
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An antimalarial drug that acts on the erythrocyte forms of the pathogens of human malaria. It is effective against pathogens of malaria, resistant to other antimalarial drugs (chloroquine, proguanil, pyrimethamine, combination of pyrimetham

DUTAS Dutasteride
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Dutas is a mix of two medicines: dutasteride and tamsulosin hydrochloride. The drugs have complementary mechanisms of action, due to which there is a rapid weakening of urination. It reduces the risk of retention of the urine. It is not ant